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Corel Tips


You can move a single object within a group without ungrouping, by holding down Ctrl while selecting the object you want to move. You can also move this object to the front or back while selected.

Resizing & Mirroring
Hold down the CTRL key and drag the side handles of an object to increase its horizontal dimensions in 100% increments or on its top or bottom handle to resize vertically in 100% increments, or on a corner handle to resize the entire object in 100% increments. You can also do a 100% mirrior by dragging the side bars in the opposite direction.

To create a duplicate of an object, use the pointer tool to drag the object to where you would like the duplicate to be, then click the right mouse button (don't slip!) before releasing the left. If you want more copies with the same offset, Edit > Repeat (Ctrl R) repeats the operation.

Fills & Outlines
The colourbar can be used to set an object's outline by clicking the right mouse button (the left button sets the fill of course).

Wrapping Text
To wrap text around an object, simply select the object with the pick tool, right-click on the object and select Wrap Paragraph Text.

Node Tool
The node edit tool can be used to select one or more characters in an artistic text string to alter colours, outlines etc.

Resizing Paragraph Text
To re-scale the point size of the paragraph text inside a frame when resizing the frame. Previously after enlarging or reducing a frame you had to re-format the type if you wanted to retain the look of the frame. Hold down the ALT key when re-sizing to access this feature.

Monochrome Bitmaps
If you want to change the colours of a monochrome (black & white) TIFF use the Outline colour for the foreground of the TIFF (i.e. black part) and the Fill colour for the background. You can have a transparent background by using "no" colour.

Printing Outside the Page Border
If you have objects outside the page border that won't print (such as your own crop marks) you have probably got the desktop layer set as non-printable.

Corel Clipart
A few people have mentioned frustration at trying to locate clipart on the Corel CDs. A solution is at hand, although not documented in most versions of the Corel manual. A program called CATALOG is included on CD1 of the set which contains a database of all clipart filenames, and a listing as to the CD number and directory it can be found in.

Toolbox Features
Try double-clicking the tools in the toolbox on the left for hidden options, a few handy ones are:
Pick Tool: Selects all objects on the visible page (or CTRL+A)
Rectangle Tool: Creates a rectangle around the edge of the document.
Zoom Tool: Zooms to all objects (same as F4)
Rulers: Accesses the Grid & Scale set up dialog
Working Page's drop shadow: Accesses Page Setup dialog box.

Moving the Rulers
If you want the rulers closer to your page: Hold down the shift key, click and drag the rulers anywhere you like on the page. This can be done individually or by clicking on the small box where the two rulers intersect to drag them both.

Custom & Angled Guides
You can create custom guidelines to construct unusual designs by switching to the guides layer. For example you can draw circular or curved guidelines and then snap to them while on your drawing layer.

Take advantage of the presets tool found in the Tools menu, it lets you add preset effects like drop shadows and unique fountain fills to a selected object. It also lets you record operations and create macros to apply to objects, such as moving, stretching, filling etc. Use the controls in the roll up to change the selected preset or to create your own.

Tool Flyouts
Customise the interface by dragging the tool flyouts out onto the page so they are floating or dock into the button bar at the top, bottom or sides of your screen.

Customise rollup groups (without opening Tools > Customise) by ALT-dragging rollup groups button around. For example, select the Effects Envelope, hold the ALT key while clicking and dragging the Blend rollup onto your page. To return it to the rollup group hold the CTRL key while clicking and dragging the Blend rollup back inside the rollup group.

Status Bar
The status bar can be customised by right-clicking on certain areas of the status bar and choosing the desired options.

Quick Help
If you are unsure about a tool or what something is for, right-click on the tool and select either 'Help' or 'What's this'. If you are unsure about a particular option listed in a dialog box, click on the question mark button in the right hand corner, select the option in question to open a flyout with more information pertaining to that topic.