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Photo Restoration

photo restoration

Many people have precious family photos stored away in old albums or boxes that they would like to display in their home, but the originals are in a damaged condition or too small to be displayed.

Sometimes photos that have been on the wall a long time have faded, lost much of their colour or been damaged over time. Our photo restoration service is able to rescue such originals and give new life to otherwise un-usable images.

What we do

We make high resolution scans of the originals which are then enhanced to restore faded colours, bring up hidden detail, fix tears, water damage and other blemishes on the original before enlarging to any size and re-printing onto archival quality photographic paper which can be framed, block mounted or kept in a photo album for display.

Photo re-touching software also allows us to create new photos from several different originals, doing things like removing or changing backgrounds or particular people in a shot, adding new people into a picture and so on.

We can blend or montage multiple images together onto a page to create a unique and visually interesting effect. We are also frequently asked to restore old documents that have faded or are in poor condition, we have even been able to bring back images to a readable state that were invisible to the naked eye on the original document.

The final product

We are able to reproduce multiple copies of the restored photograph if desired. These can be printed onto photographic paper or onto other media such as artist's canvas which is then mounted or stretched over a wooden frame for hanging. The copies can also be made in a range of sizes to suit your requirements.