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Book Printing


We have recently installed equipment to enable short run, high quality bookbinding. This combined with our existing typesetting and digital printing facilities opens up a whole range of book printing possibilies.


This is an age old process predating the invention of the printing press. The traditional technique of the bookbinding craft using hand sewn sections is far superior to modern glue binding and is the preferred method for high quality book creation.

We produce high quality one-off or short editions of books printed with modern digital techniques and bound with traditional methods. This results in a high quality product that is a work of art in itself.

Some of the possibilities include custom printed hotel, club or church visitor registers, wedding albums, family histories and reproducing out of print books from digital files.

Depending on the type of book involved we can print the text on textured archival grade paper, gloss or matt art paper or bond. The cover will be a traditional hardback case binding covered with professional grade book cloth. We can also print a dust cover if required.


These are printed on high qualty art paper and are a one-off custom coffee table book created from your own photos.

We are able to handle the design and layout of the book from photo images that you supply, or we can print from files that you produce.