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About Us
Perth's PC Pre-press SpecialistsCorel Approved
Type Tamer entered the digital pre-press industry in 1989, pioneering output to imagesetters from IBM PC compatible software in an industry dominated by companies using Apple Mac computers, unable or unwilling to deal with the technical challenges of output from anything other than Quark Express a Mac.

We applied experience gained in the computer graphics and CAD industries to solving the problems of imaging files on this emerging techology. Type Tamer gradually earned the respect of others in the industry, who previously were convinced that the PC platform was no good for graphics and pre-press work.

Seventeen years later, although the industry has changed vastly, we still lead the field in solving the technical challenges of pre-press output in our niche area of PC compatible file formats including MS Word, Publisher and Corel Draw.

Of course in this new era of PDF workflows we also convert and preflight PC files ready for CTP as well as provide the traditional film or bromide output.

Pre-press Troubleshooters

With a background in computer hardware and software, we understand how application software, printer driver, operating system, network, RIP and imagesetter or CTP unit work together to produce the final result. When they don't work for whatever reason (as will always be the case occasionally no matter how good the equipment and software is) we quickly analyse where the problem is coming from, find a way around it and get your job out rather than giving up, calling out a technican or spending hours on the phone to tech support trying to get an answer.

Our clients include small and large printing companies, government departments, graphic design and advertising agencies as well as businesses outside the printing industry.

Outputs and Designs that workDesigns That Work
We all know that customer supplied artwork files can lead to big headaches for the printer. Whenever we are imaging customer supplied files, our staff, who are are well versed in the requirements and limitations of different printing processes are constantly reviewing the file and imaging settings to ensure the best possible results are achieved. We don't just open the file and press print!

When necessary we correct and compensate for design faults, or instruct the customer how to re-work the files to be more compatible with the printing process being used.  The aim at all times is to supply the printer with outputs or PDF files that will work with the minimum possible trouble during production.

When we design new logos or artwork, we apply this knowlege so that all new jobs are designed from the ground up to print well and make life easy for the printer by using correct trapping between colours, screen rulings, dot sizes and by using ink coverage matched to the printing process and stock being used.

Your Virtual Artwork Department

Many printing businesses have a desktop publishing system which they use to create simple artwork in house, but they sometimes find this inadequate for more complicated jobs involving colour scanning, logo creation or other issues. This is where our virtual art department can step in and take over behind the scenes. We create the artwork from the brief you give us, often by fax or email then email a PDF proof back for you to print out on your own laser printer or forward to your customer, who need never know it was not produced by your company.

Once the job is approved we can supply artwork or films, or send a press ready PDF file to a trade printing hub on your behalf.

We provide this service to many printing companies, who find our rates economical, service fast and efficient and their lives de-stressed from no longer trying to solve specialised DTP and pre-press problems instead of running their core business.

Digital Copying

We have recently installed a high speed colour copying system and provide trade pricing for printing companies who use it to provide small runs of brochures and similar items that are not economical to print. The quality is very close to offset, most people outside the print trade would think job has been printed.

This system is also excellent for jobs wanted too quickly for conventional printing and one off items such as certificates.